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Our Story

REX HILL has been making elegant Pinot Noir for over 40 years. In 2007, the founders sold REX HILL to the two families behind A to Z Wineworks. Case production was quickly reduced by almost 80% to refine REX HILL wines to be of the utmost quality and distinction.

A to Z provided the resources to refocus REX HILL as a luxury boutique brand offering special wines made with only the most careful attention to detail. The commitment to superior quality means year-round responsiveness to site, vintage and climate, farming with organic and Biodynamic principles, and careful hand-selection of only the best clusters at harvest.

Our Commitment

Producing REX HILL wines is truly a labor of love. These are not wines we have to make, but rather wines we have the privilege to make, and are therefore wines made exceptionally.


In a gratifying recognition of our commitment to quality, REX HILL was honored at the October 2017 inaugural Wine Advocate Extraordinary Winery Awards in New York City. Receiving the only non-regional award for the Americas, REX HILL was named the Extraordinary Winery “Under the Radar” for both continents, “poised to become the next great thing.”

Our Estate Vineyards

Every vineyard has a story to tell. The French call it terroir, which refers to a sense of place, the sum of the geographical effects that influence the grape and in the end, the wine made from it. This is the story of our Estate Vineyards.


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