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New Growth

The legacy of the land is alive at REX HILL. You can see the original tunnels into where the carts of fruit were dried. You’ll also see the new tools of the trade: French oak and stainless steel barrels, wine presses, in-house laboratory and bottling line, temperature-controlled fermentation and blending tanks, and state of the art cross-flow filters. After nearly 40 years, a beautiful, new, energy-efficient building will house our hospitality center.

Looking to our Future

After 38 years, the time was right to update the REX HILL Legacy Building and Tasting Room. Opening to the public later this year, this newly renovated, modern space will feature an open floorplan full of natural light and fresh air. Enjoy expanded seating inside and an improved patio overlooking our estate vineyard, winery gardens, and the wonderful Lee Kelly sculpture, “Song for an Architect.”